Cycling: Five cyclists will compete in the French Championship of the Future


On August 6, a selection of cycling Saint-Martin flew to Normandy. Cadets and juniors will compete in two races on Friday August 12 and Saturday August 13. All Saint-Martin hopes will rest on their shoulders.

“We have strong hopes of winning the French Championship”. With these words, Éric Helan, president of the cycling committee in Saint-Martin, firmly believes in the potential of the five young Saint-Martin residents. Carty Jahkim, Broocks Mercedes, Claxton Juliani, Louis-Isidore Phil. All have been trained by former champions of Caribbean races, and proved themselves in May and July during the tour of Martinique and Guadeloupe. The young cadets had then won first place in the general classification and then the decoration of best second team. 

The missing cyclist is called Nagau-Grell Dyclaï. The 17-year-old will represent Saint-Martin in the junior category. Living in mainland France, he had been engaged in a high performance project, combining studies and high-level sport. After the French Championship, Carty Jahkim should join him in Toulouse. 

The French Championship of the Future will start in Saint-Martin de Landelles next to Mont St-Michel, in Normandy. The cyclist Nagau-Grell Dyclaï will enter the race on Friday August 12 and the cadets on Saturday August 13.  _pc

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