CULTURE: The CCISM joins the network of the city of taste and flavors


The city of taste and flavors is a concept set up by the Côtes d'Armor chamber of trades and crafts in 2005 with the aim of promoting food crafts to the general public, supporting communities in their food strategy and the promotion of their territory, to support and train professionals. It has since become a network to which other chambers of trades have joined. The interprofessional consular chamber of Saint-Martin has also decided to join him.

In June of this year, the concept was presented to elected officials and technicians of the CCISM and a diagnosis was made in the process. The work has been returned and today the chamber is in the “project modeling” phase.

By joining this network, the CCISM wishes to contribute to "tourism development and gastronomic enhancement of the territory, to the structuring of production and processing sectors and to the promotion of local know-how". In particular, it would like to set up a local brand or label, offer training to companies in the food sector, entertainment and other culinary events (Christmas Food Village, cook show, etc.) in partnership with the community and / or the State, culinary workshops for the general public. She is also considering the creation of educational materials and culinary guides.

The next step for the CCISM is the signing of an agreement with the CMAs France and Brittany which will give it access to the various tools of the network to carry out its promotional actions at the local level.

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