CULTURE – EDUCATION: Book distributions follow one another at the Amuseum Naturalis


Last Saturday, the Les Fruits de Mer association offered their new Soualiga Sea coloring book for free. And other surprises are on the way…

In the continuity of the book Soualiga Island which gave pride of place to the terrestrial fauna of Saint-Martin, Soualiga Sea pays homage to the marine animals of the territory. Signed by Jenn Yerkes and illustrated by Paulina Hernandez, Soualiga Sea is aimed at kindergarten children with the particularity of offering the name of each animal in four languages: French, English, Creole and Spanish. With a coloring drawing, the back cover of which can guide the little ones on the real colors, this book invites writing, creativity and observation of its environment. Multilingualism also makes it possible to come together around education, whether young or old. Strongly active in the associative field, Mark Yokoyama, recently awarded an honorary title at the Gala du Bénévolat, and Jenn Yerkes unveiled this Monday the next book made available in print and online on the Fruits de Mer website: Incredibilia… which will already be available this Saturday, December 17 for free distribution at the Amuseum Naturalis during the morning.

Rich collection of anecdotes from the fertile imagination of Jenn Yerkes, Incredibilia reveals the secrets and superpowers of twenty plants and animals of the territory. Written in French and in English, the incredible true stories of the nature of Saint-Martin will fascinate children and adults to become the new bedside book on many bedside tables with, for example, the story of this fish which make a sleeping bag with its own snot, this funny animal that has a secret comb in its toe or even this bird that enlarges its nest in proportion to the size of its chicks. Enough to stir up and then satisfy everyone's curiosity, in a playful and educational way, a double signature now known to the Les Fruits de Mer association. they are offered to the young people of Sandy Ground for Christmas. See you Saturday morning at the Amuseum Naturalis in Quartier d'Orléans for the public. _Vx


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