CULTURE: CM2 students exhibit their beast mill


As part of the anniversary month of the abolition of slavery, CM2A students from the Hervé Williams school in Concordia worked for a quarter on their project: making an 18th century beast mill.

Initiated by their teacher Xavier Mirre Minori and supported by the COM as part of the 'caravan of history' launched by the ACS ZEPIN, this project is financed by the Foundation for the Memory of Slavery (FME). After several field visits such as the Spring Sugar Factory and Fort Louis, students were made aware of the slave trade around the world and SXM in the 18th century by archivist Audrey Claxton. It was therefore through history, geography, French and technology sessions that they became immersed in this delicate and hard part of the past. The replica of the beast mill is 4,2m in circumference by 1,2m in height, equipped with a screen continuously explaining the story. The students had to film themselves and record their voices to make the presentation: triangular trade, the types of slaves and the stages of sugar manufacturing at the time. The exhibition will open this Monday, May 27, 2024 at 11 a.m. in the courtyard of the Hervé Williams school, and many students are waiting for you to admire their work. _VX

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