CROSS: Three podiums for the ASCSM at the Guadeloupe championship!


Last Sunday, six athletes from the Avenir Sportif Club de Saint-Martin traveled to Guadeloupe to participate in the cross-country championship in Nogent Sainte Rose, accompanied by their coaches Patrick Trival and Xavier Douglas.

It’s the conquering spirit thatAnthony Seguin took the start of the 4 m course concocted for the cadets, and won the title of Vice Champion of Guadeloupe over the distance in 320'17 ''.

TSCHIRHART Romanesque takes 3rd place in the junior category by completing the 3 m in 850'17 ''.

Felicia PAINES in the senior woman category, she also climbed on the 3rd step of the podium in 27'39 '' over 5 m.


Three other club athletes also took part in this championship, and even if they do not return medalists their results suggest a good season:

ELICE Jewell 5th category minimal girl over 2 m

SHELLS Lisa 10th in 22'16 '' junior category over 3 m.

BOECASSE Chloë 43rd in 10'34 '' youngest category over 1 m

Congratulations to all and have a good season! _AF

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