French Red Cross: The Director General, JC Combe visits Saint-Martin on March 20


From March 18 to 22, six months after the devastating passage of hurricanes Irma, José and Maria, Jean-Christophe COMBE, Director General of the French Red Cross will be traveling to the Antilles. With employees and volunteers, he will take stock of the systems deployed in the territories and the Post-Emergency actions carried out in the Northern Islands.

In Saint-Martin, on Tuesday March 20, the Director General of the French Red Cross will launch the Food Aid Action activities and will deliver, at the end of the day, to the Red Cross Territorial Delegation of Saint-Martin, the keys to a First Aid Vehicle for People (VPSP). This VPSP, offered by the Local Red Cross Unit of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (94) will enable volunteers from the North Island to strengthen the deployment of its Emergency-First Aid actions on the territory .

Wednesday March 21, Mr. Jean-Christophe COMBE will meet in Gustavia (Saint-Barthélemy), Mr. Bruno MAGRAS, President of the Collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy. After visiting all the activities of the Red Cross Territorial Delegation of Saint Barthélemy, he will end his tour of the Antilles in Guadeloupe with employees and volunteers from the archipelago.

The program in Saint-Martin on March 20:

9h30: Review of the “Beaver” operation and presentation of the “Squirrel” operation by the Post Urgence team Reviews of the “Bus Santé Pour Tous” and Post-Trauma ”devices

11h00: Launch of the “Food Aid” program at the Espace des Ados located 4, rue Léopold HYMAN - Concordia district in Marigot

14h30: Meeting with the President of “Dangerous Liaisons” and signing of an amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding thus extending the partnership between the two associations. Health Center - 6 rue Fichot - Marigot

16h30: Official presentation of the VPSP of the UL of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés at the Maison CroixRouge of Saint-Martin Maison Croix-Rouge - 2 rue du Soleil Levant - Concordia district - Marigot

19h00: Dinner meeting with volunteers and Saint-Martin Red Cross employees

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