Health crisis: Signature of the State / COM recovery plan in the Prefecture


President Daniel Gibbs signed last Friday with the Deputy Prefect of the Northern Islands, Serge Gouteyron, the variation of the National Recovery Plan for the territory of Saint-Martin.

The three main axes of the national plan are as follows:

- Ecological transition with a budget of 30 billion euros

- Competitiveness and reindustrialisation for an amount of 35 billion euros

- Social and territorial cohesion for 35 billion euros.

Locally, 141 million euros are available, 32 million of which are financed by the Collectivity and 108 million by the State.

Scoping work was carried out jointly by the services of the community and the prefecture in order to identify the needs of the territory in connection with the vital forces.

Improving the living environment, economic recovery and social cohesion will be at the heart of the actions and projects that will be selected locally.

Support will be put in place for project leaders by the two institutions and their partners.

These funds are accessible in project mode. The procedure for submitting a file is already explained on the website of the Ministry of the Economy. A local relay of information and criteria to be met to benefit from the funds of the recovery plan, will be carried out on the sites of the prefecture and the community.

President Gibbs praised the transversal work and the excellent cooperation between the services of the State and those of the Collectivity.

The strategy developed, the priority is to support all sectors of the economy eligible for the axes defined in the recovery plan and thus allow Saint-Martin residents to benefit from these budgets and to hold out during this unprecedented crisis.


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