Covid-19: Nearly 350 cases in 2 weeks on the island


According to health bulletins published by the authorities, nearly 350 new cases of covid-19 were confirmed on the island during the first half of April.

On the French side, the regional health agency observes that “the epidemiological situation seems to be stabilizing at a high level”; it recorded 95 new cases between April 4 and 10. On the Dutch side, between April 7 and April 14, 87 people tested positive. In the space of a fortnight, 178 new cases were recorded on the Dutch side and 172 on the French side. This is almost the total number of contaminations observed in one month in March (181 in the Dutch part and 195 in the French part). The authorities fear a resurgence with school holidays and Easter holidays. Since the start of the pandemic, some 20 contaminations have been officially recorded on the whole of the island, 200 in the Dutch part and nearly 9 in the French part. 920 people died after contracting the virus, 10 partly Dutch and 280 partly French.

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