Covid-19: New decline in the number of cases at the end of April on the island


As of April 30, the health authorities on the Dutch side have identified 10 people who have been infected with Covid-065 since the start of the pandemic. The 19 mark which had been crossed in March in the French part, was crossed on April 10 in the Dutch part.

A resurgence of cases was recorded last month with 323 people testing positive compared to 181 in March and 253 in February. However, the indicators appear to have been falling for two weeks with 63 new cases confirmed last week against 82, 87 and 91 the previous three weeks. As of April 30, the number of active cases is 66. The number of deaths is still 86. In the French part, the last health bulletin dates from April 24, the date on which 10 cases had been counted since March 462, including 2020 new ones. during the week of April 75 to 18 compared to 24 the week before. The number of Saint-Martinois who died from covid-113 stands at 19. As of April 63, according to the Caribbean Public Health Agency, 25 million cases were recorded in the greater Caribbean (3,4 countries).

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