Relay race: Resolution Run 2022, get your sneakers on! 


Nothing like a relay race to start this new year 2022 on the right foot and to eliminate the small excesses collected during the end of the year celebrations. The joggers will meet on the Dutch side of the island for the Resolution Run 2022 this Saturday January 22. 

The race will take place in teams and at night to benefit from maximum freshness. 

And to spice up the effort, disguises are welcome and even highly anticipated! A prize will also be awarded to the team that demonstrates audacity and originality in clothing. Different categories are represented: children (under fourteen), juniors (between fourteen and eighteen), adults (over eighteen), seniors (over fifty). Not to mention corporate teams (including law enforcement), all-female teams, and sports club teams. The start will therefore be this Saturday, January 22 at 10 a.m. from Taloula Mango's on the Philispburg Boardwalk. For the race route itself, each team, which must be made up of at least one woman or girl for each category, will pace the boardwalk in one direction then in the other to return to the starting point, the Taloula Mango's. The total distance of this relay race circuit is two kilometers per participant. The preparatory meeting is given at 19 p.m. at Taloula Mango's just before the race for all runners to collect their bib numbers and the relays which will pass from hand to hand to the starting line. To register, this happens online via a form to be completed on the Facebook page of Tri-Sport. _VX

 Info: +1 721 527 40 83


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