RACE / Inter-Business Relay: The Sandy-Ground Team in the starting blocks!


On the occasion of the 11th edition of the "Inter-Business Relay" race organized by Semsamar, the "Sandy-Ground Team" will once again be present, on Sunday, with two committed teams, the SGT1 and the SGT2!

The many athletes of the Aline Hanson school (parents, community workers and teachers) already have ants in their legs!

For the second consecutive year, two formations of the “Sandy-Ground Team” are participating, in fact, in the 11th edition of the race “Relais Inter-Entreprises”, the start of the event being scheduled at 6 am on Sunday , at Terres-Basses.

There is no doubt that the representatives of the Sandy-Ground educational community will be keen to appear well, to the cheers of their many supporters gathered throughout the course!

Note that the two teams of the “Sandy-Ground Team” will wear the colors of “Delta Petroleum”, their faithful partner.

Thank you to him and see you on Sunday at Galion beach where the final finish of the 11th edition of the “Relais Inter-Entreprises” race will be judged! _AF

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