Readers' letter: Saint Martin is better than this guerrilla ...


No health or social claim justifies shooting a gendarme or smashing the face of another with a concrete block. Any responsible territory actor must condemn this violence. And no radio station should have any more complacent and hateful speeches about it.

Before the wounded and the dead, each person holding an authority must put an end to all violence. It has gone too far. The dignity of Saint-Martin is stained with blood this evening, that is enough. On Sandy Ground in particular, and wherever small incidents start, parents, neighbors, witnesses must stop everything.

Beyond the economic suicide, and the health cost that it will cost us, it is our Saint-Martin which is bruised, and ashamed.

Faced with this wave of violence, the silent majority is powerless, the medical community is moved and proposes that the social actors very soon organize a white march, massive and peaceful, as two years ago, to clearly show the thugs that Saint-Martin, it's not them. If legitimate dialogues are to take place, let all of this happen in peace immediately afterwards. _MT


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