Letter from the Readers: Yes, Cancer Makes Us Different


Suffering from breast cancer for a year, I am followed by a wonderful team in Saint-Martin and like any cancer patient, I lost my hair. The side effects we suffer make us more fragile, ugly, different but human… Every day is a complicated fight and a meeting on the beach destroyed me.

Yes, every day I go to Orient Bay beach, yes, I am always pretty much in the same place and above all, I am at peace with myself watching the waves, happy tourists and I take the time to lay down on the sand and look at the horizon.
Except that this morning (note: yesterday morning), an old beau approached me to tell me, laughing that I should put up a sign to reserve my place in the same place every day. He took the opportunity to ask me what type of cancer I had when I responded to his curiosity "this gentleman I know everything" thought to be full of humor by ending his conversation by specifying: with age, cancer becomes less aggressive! A little knock on my knees and he left happy to have a story to tell his wife.
And the perfect gentleman with his perfect swimsuit and his perfect wife (the same age as me), continued their walk that they do every day at the same time in the same place. Like me.
Disconcerting, hurtful, it's time to make perfect, healthy people discover that cancer kills the body, kills slowly, that no one has the right to laugh at the misfortune of others.
I just have a message for those people who think they have a curiosity or a lowland humor. Silence is golden!
It was my rant of the day that bruised me. Tomorrow, I will need a lot of courage and tears to return to my waves that heal me.
Cancer is a frightening and too little known disease. We are not monsters. _MS


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