Coronavius: what does a healed case mean?


The regional health agency (ARS) announced the day before yesterday that one of the two parents infected with the coronavirus had recovered. Two tests were carried out on the two people and for one of them, the two tests were negative. She is therefore authorized to leave the isolation zone in which she was placed on March 8. She is considered cured. In other words, it is no longer a carrier of the virus and contagious.

Does that mean she is immune? "There is no evidence so far indicating that a cured person cannot be infected twice," Jérôme Salomon, Director of Health, said yesterday at a press conference. But that hasn't happened yet. There are a few people who have re-contracted the virus, but it seems that the diagnosis was poorly made, at least it was incomplete, added the director of health.

To date, there is still one confirmed case in Saint-Barthélemy and one in Saint-Martin which is still under quarantine at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center.

The establishment was set up when the virus started to spread in France in February. One unit was completely isolated. The capacity is eight beds, said last week the director of ARS Guadeloupe. They will be reserved for the most serious cases. Some patients may also be placed in isolation at home. "If there were to be many cases, we will set up a mobile medical team to visit the patients," said the director. (

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