Coronavirus: 6 new cases in Guadeloupe and 1 death


Friday at noon, Guadeloupe has 51 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 6 more than yesterday.

Eleven patients are hospitalized at the CHU: seven in the infectious and tropical diseases department of the CHU and four in intensive care.

Guadeloupe recorded the first death of a 71-year-old person. The circumstances of the contamination and death are under investigation. The lady was fragile with comorbidities.

The awareness of containment must be immediate, in responsibility, "stay at home" to help our health professionals.

The second wave of distribution of masks to liberal healthcare professionals begins this afternoon. From the “State” stock held locally in Guadeloupe, the ARS is destocking for the attention of the so-called priority public adult surgical masks intended for health professionals for their protection and to provide the symptomatic patients they care for. Priority is given to general practitioners or specialists, self-employed nurses, pharmacists, pediatricians, dentists, midwives, physiotherapists.

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