Checks of refrigerated trucks by state services: company managers pinned 


The gendarmerie assisted for two days the veterinary services of public health of Saint-Martin in controls of transport of fresh products.

Among the vehicles checked in Belle-Plaine, a truck had a load which did not respect the cold chain, indicates the gendarmerie.

The refrigeration part of the truck was not working. Basically frozen products were being thawed due to the heat in the body and were stored inside the vehicle. The truck came from the Dutch side and was to deliver a restaurant on the French side.

All products including mahi-mahi, frozen fries, burger buns, jars of mayonnaise, etc. was seized and destroyed by the inspection of the veterinary public health services.

An identical operation was carried out in Bellevue. A truck without a non-insulated refrigeration system with a temperature inside the body of 26 ° was checked. Products theoretically frozen at -18 ° such as fish, were being thawed at -3.5 °, and slices of ham at 15 ° for fresh products. All of the products could not return to French territory. The managers of the company were summoned to explain the situation and the authorities' refusal to enter products. The goods were intended for a convenience store in Sandy-Ground.

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