ROAD CONTROL: Back to school under the sign of road safety 


By means of a press release issued last Friday, the gendarmerie informed the population of the resumption of road checks this Monday, September 5 in the morning.

Lieutenant-Colonel Maxime Wintzer-Wehekind is determined to resume good habits. In order to prevent fellow citizens of Saint-Martin from paying a fine, the commander of the gendarmerie of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy prefers to give priority to reminders and warn the population upstream. As every year, the start of the school year is accompanied by a significant increase in road traffic on the roads of Saint-Martin. A large number of preventive actions were carried out during the previous school year to make road users aware of dangerous behaviour, among which the gendarmerie lists the failure to wear a helmet (including children), transport without a adapted restraint, the telephone held in the driver's hand or even the non-respect of priorities, priorities which represent the fundamentals of the highway code. 

The gendarmerie warns that from this period of school resumption, it will increase its presence on the main roads, starting today. In this regard, serious offenses causing accidents will be punished. For the roads to be safer in Saint-Martin, safety must be everyone's business. The gendarmerie is counting on you and wishes you a safe return to school. _VX

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