Consumption / Price comparison: from investigators in the field from February 1 to April 30, 2022


As part of the partnership between the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) relating to the spatial comparison survey of prices, investigators and investigators specially recruited by the Collectivity will be in the field for the purpose of collecting prices, from 1er February to April 30, 2022.

Indeed, the community of Saint-Martin wished to participate in the spatial price comparison survey (ECSP) 2022, carried out by INSEE in mainland France and in the overseas departments. 

Spatial price comparisons aim to compare identical products from one territory to another and products representative of consumption in each territory. The list of products surveyed has been adapted, at a minimum, to take into account the specificity of consumption in each territory and so that the products (described very precisely) can be found in each territory.

Shops and all businesses in Saint-Martin are concerned by this collection of prices and are likely to be contacted. The prices of nearly 500 products and services will be collected as part of this survey. This approach of the Collectivity and its partners is fully in line with the search for a better economic and statistical knowledge of our territory, a concept that has been sorely lacking to us until today. 

The 6 Collectivity investigators will be equipped with a tablet configured by the INSEE services for the secure, reliable and rapid collection of information. 

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