TERRITORIAL COUNCIL: Launch of a procedure to modify the Land Use Plan (POS)


On Thursday, February 2, the launch of the procedure for modifying the Land Use Plan of Saint-Martin (territorial development) was voted unanimously during the territorial council.

The POS regulations were no longer adapted to the current needs of Saint-Martin, in terms of economic development and the establishment of public facilities. The Collectivity therefore wanted to make changes to the Land Use Plan.

Goals :

• The increase in the right to build in certain areas

• The evolution of future urbanization zones in the U or INA zone with regard to urban development and development and construction projects

• Adaptation of the regulations for public buildings and buildings of general interest

• Update of the list of locations reserved for the completion, abandonment or emergence of public projects

• Removal of certain restrictive rules (minimum plot area, number of constructions per plot) or unsuited to the reality of the territory

• The correction of drafting errors or inconsistencies appearing in the rules of the POS

This procedure will be followed by a public consultation within the framework of the legislation in force.

NOTA BENE: The Collectivity is working on the implementation of its Planning and Development Plan for Saint-Martin, the PADSM, which in the long term is intended to replace the Land Use Plan (POS).

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