Territorial Council: the majority will have 16 seats out of 23


At the end of the second round, the territorial council will be renewed. The new members will be invested with their new function on Sunday during an official ceremony.

The number of seats obtained by list is defined by the electoral code, the list coming first having at least eight. In this case, the RSM will have a majority of 16 seats, Team Gibbs will have 5 seats and Generation Hope 2 seats. People enter the council – whether in the majority or in the opposition – in the order that their name appears on the lists.

The RSM will be represented by Louis Mussington, Annick Petrus, Alain Richardson, Martine Beldor, Raphael Sanchez Orozco, Dominique Louisy, Michel Petit, Valérie Damaseau, Frantz Gumbs, Valérie Fonrose, Marc-Gérald Menard, Bernadette Davis, Steven Cocks, Audrey Gil, Arnel Daniel and Bernadette Venthou-Dumain.

Team Gibbs will be represented by Daniel Gibbs, Mélissa Nicolas-Rembotte, Philippe Philidor, Marie-Dominque Ramphort and Alain Gros-Desormeaux. Having five seats, the Team will be able to form a group of elected officials and have material resources (offices, agent, etc.)

Generation Hope will be represented by Jules Charville and Angeline Laurence.

The president and the four vice-presidents will be elected by the territorial councilors on Sunday. (soualigapost.com)

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