EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Concordia urban park development project


This project consists of creating a green space to promote the well-being of its inhabitants, promote biodiversity and improve the quality of urban life.

Approved by the executive council, the creation of an urban park in Concordia will cover approximately 30.000m2, excluding the sports facilities and the media library, for a total estimated cost of €2,2 million. Located at the intersection of rue Jean-Luc Hamlet with completion estimated at 18 months, the project will improve the quality of life by providing accessible green and leisure spaces, will strengthen social ties, will offer spaces conducive to the practice of activities and will contribute to the protection of the environment by preserving local biodiversity and mitigating the effects of air pollution. Stormwater management infrastructure (retention basins) will help reduce the risk of flooding and filter pollutants from runoff. The development project is an essential investment for sustainable development and the quality of life of Concordia residents. Other funding requested by the President of the territorial council could be added to the project. To be continued… _VX


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