Executive Council: Approval of the private occupancy agreement between the Collectivity of Saint-Martin and the Company EDEIS - Aéroport de Saint-Martin – Grand-Case


As part of its missions of operation and management of Grand-Case Espérance airport by public service delegation from the Community, the company EDEIS plans to carry out resurfacing work on the airport runway. 

The airport, which currently handles 200 passengers per year, wants to develop air traffic in the years to come and must therefore strive to maintain its airport facilities in optimal condition and adapted to the growing number of aircraft movements. The expert reports conclude that it is necessary to undertake resurfacing work in order to improve the bearing capacity, grip and surface condition of the pavements.

The duration of the works is 6 months from February 2022. 

For the needs of this site, the company EDEIS is asking the Collectivity for the temporary provision of land adjoining the track, on the AR 539 plot. 

The provision of this land for 7 months will allow the companies in charge of the site to store materials, machinery, the base camp and the asphalt plant. The proximity of this plot to the track will create direct access to the site.  

Given the general interest of this work and the non-use for economic purposes by the delegatee, it is proposed to conclude an occupancy agreement free of charge.

On January 26, the Executive Council decided to approve the terms of the agreement for the occupation of the private domain of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin with the company EDEIS Aéroport Saint-Martin Grand-Case.

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