COMPETITION - EDUCATION: Jeanéliya FERTIL-LAKE, in 2nd Euro-Caribbean class at LEGT Robert Weinum, brilliant winner of the Robert Romney literary prize!


The Saint-Martin writer Robert Romney honored the Euro-Caribbean second class at Lycée Robert Weinum by actively sponsoring the first writing competition organized by the establishment.

After a long suspense, it is finally Jeanéliya Fertil-Lake, student in second Euro-Caribbean at the General and Technological High School Robert Weinum, who won the prestigious Literary Prize "Big Rock" thanks to his writing qualified by the audacious jury with an interesting syntax and a subtle ability to project oneself into his characters. The instruction of the competition was to read and study the last novel by Robert Romney published in 2019 "Big Rock" which intertwines academic English and English Saint-Martin (in the dialogues), and to write, in five hundred words or more, a hypothetical sequel to the 18-chapter book, including details that will keep the reader alert. The reader having been first of all the members of the jury, Mrs Miranda Arnell, Mr Anthony Gombis and Mrs Kathy Africa, with as president of the jury, Mr Alex Richards who presented the trophy to Jeanéliya after having read his story in front of the assembly .

Each copy of each student was submitted anonymously to the members of the jury, so it was after reading her own words by the president of the jury that Jeanéliya discovered that she had won the Robert Romney Literary Prize, the emotion was palpable in the multipurpose room. Ms. Fleming, who had been entrusted with this unprecedented mission, masterfully led this initiative pushing young people to read because reading leads to writing and Saint-Martin's youth is a pool of talents that must be brought to bear. forward. Also present were Mrs. Marlène Borel, principal of the school -and former pupil of Robert Romney-, Mr. Michel Sanz, vice-rector and of course, Robert Romney himself, who shared with the assembly anecdotes on Saint-Martin of yesteryear, the “Big Rock” story taking effect in 1967 and based on real events. Saint-Martin literature has some fine feathers ahead of it.

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