This competition, which sees golfers from the French side and those from the Dutch side compete each year, took place this weekend on the golf course at Mullet Bay.   

On a course that has once again become green and pleasant to play, the “St-Martin team” veered ahead and led 10 to 8 on Saturday after the morning Foursomes and afternoon Fourballs. Everything would be played on Sunday during the 18 individual matchplay. And upon arrival, our golfers from St-Martin confirmed their superiority this year by winning 10 games out of 18 and conceding 3 draws, ie 11,5 to 6,5 on the 2nd day. Final score: 21,5 to 14,5 for Saint-Martin who kept with panache the "Jason Nyuiadzi" Trophy acquired with difficulty in 2014. Bravo to the players of Saint-Martin who have not given up and who have shown 'a great team spirit.

The Saint-Martin team would like to thank its golf friends from Sint-Maarten for their great opposition, their fair play, their good humor and their perfect organization.

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