COMPETITION / Dance: first inter-Caribbean competition in Saint-Martin


This Monday, February 20 in the morning, dance was invited on the stage of the Théâtre de la Chapelle with the first inter-Caribbean competition organized by the Guadeloupe Regional Dance Federation.

Given the logistical and financial difficulties in participating in the various competitions on the neighboring islands for Saint-Martin artists, the Guadeloupe Regional Dance Federation (FRDG), on which the Northern Islands depend, has decided to travel to meet them. . After a first competition which took place in Guadeloupe at the beginning of February, the competition took place this Monday morning at the Théâtre de la Chapelle in Orient Bay. Saint-Martin's "little rats" did not shy away from their pleasure, four local dance schools were represented: the Académie Temps Danse, the Honey Dance Association, the National Institute of Arts and Rhythm & Groove Dance Studio Association. Free rein to creation, all dance styles were allowed by the jury, whether classical or contemporary dance without forgetting hip-hop, modern jazz and world dances. Forty students aged 1 to 7 gave the best of themselves in front of the jury composed of Odile Cals-Cau, president of the Dance Federation of the Occitanie region, Marco Cattoï, contemporary choreographer and creator of the company Juste à 35 and Barbara Schwarz, classical choreographer in Toulouse. Each painting was judged on the level and age category of the students. Solo, duo or group, the dancers showed grace and know-how while communicating their infinite pleasure in dancing and performing in front of a full house. The congratulations of the jury were granted to two duos whose performances were as remarkable as they were noticed: the duo "Manhoid Initiation" composed of Léarie and Yannis (Rhythm & Groove Dance Studio Association) as well as the duo "Strange" from the National Institute of Arts made up of Xavier and Ray Angel in the “Other Styles” category, the latter two leave with a scholarship to join the Thomas Armor dance school in Miami. Four first prizes were unanimously awarded to Cali Rodriguez for her classical solo (workshop offered in mainland France), Pailla and Taïssa for their classical duo, Lya and Taïs also a favorite of the jury and Amalia's group, Shiloh and Florianthe in the World Dances category. Another award granted by the jury: seven first prizes including Jenasicia who won a dance course in Royan, the hip hop trip (dance course in Guadeloupe), Shiloh and Shannell (who both left  with a scholarship for training in Miami). The jury also awarded five second prizes and two third prizes, leaving the Saint-Martin dancers dreaming. Congratulations to all the students who shone on the boards of the Théâtre de la Chapelle by offering the public a moment out of time. _VX

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