Appointment of Jean Castex and cabinet reshuffle

Paris, Tuesday July 7, 2020

“Following the resignation of Édouard Philippe, the President of the Republic appointed Jean Castex as Prime Minister, who announced the composition of the new Government.

As Annick Girardin leaves office, I would like to salute the work she has done in the overseas department but also the attentive and attentive look she has brought to our territory, especially since the passage of Hurricane Irma . Our relations have been close and frank in recent years, and I wish him success at the head of the new Minister for the Sea because it is time for France to initiate a strong policy, commensurate with the great maritime power that we are.

Sébastien Lecornu succeeds him, and he knows Saint-Martin for having gone there shortly after Irma's visit in 2017. Since then, our relationships have been followed and he has regularly shown me his desire to help our territory. I express the hope that he will make it heard within the Government that France cannot radiate without its overseas territories. Regarding Julien Denormandie, for whom I have respect and admiration, both for his listening skills and for his great work capacity, I know that he will find ways and means to respond to the great distress of farmers. . Personally, I regret the departure of Didier Guillaume, who welcomed me when I arrived at the Senate in 2014, and who subsequently joined the RDSE group.

As for the rest of the government team, with the exception of Barbara Pompili, I am surprised not to find a better translation of the strong environmental concern expressed by our fellow citizens during the last municipal election. My other regret relates to the absence of overseas representatives within this new executive. There is no doubt that our territories have women and men who would have been able to assume national responsibilities. Nevertheless, my best wishes go out to the new Prime Minister and his Government, and I wish him all possible success for France and its overseas territories, which I hope will have an attentive ear and a benevolent gaze. ”

Guillaume Arnel


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