PRESS RELEASE / Covid-19: Advice to the population


Fragile people, particularly those with chronic diseases, must protect themselves through vaccination, barrier gestures or even by limiting (or even refusing) physical contact (hugs, braces, etc.).

If contamination is suspected, with or without symptoms, it is imperative not to go to your doctor's office. He must first be reached by telephone.

La TAP / RIPOSTE COVID-19 platform, accessible on 05 90 99 14 74, has evolved with a new unit, in order to best respond to the national strategy based on three pillars "Test Alert Protect (TAP)".

In conjunction with health insurance partners (CGSS) and SPF, she carries out very important investigative work to identify contact cases and for requests for information on the methods of screening (difficulties for appointments with laboratories, contact details of screening centers, planning of itinerant screening in municipalities, screening for flights from mainland France or the West Indies, preventive measures to be put in place in companies and procedures to have employees tested, procedures to be followed for contact persons, screening requests in public or private establishments, etc.).

The platform continues to process a large number of calls and monitor compliance with isolation measures.

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