ARS press release: During the All Saints' Day, let's not invite COVID to the family


All Saints' Day holidays traditionally represent a moment of meditation and essential communion, engraved in the hearts of our fellow citizens.

If these moments of gathering are fundamental for our families, we will all agree on the importance of protecting our loved ones in this time of epidemic, especially the most fragile.

Despite a slow decrease in epidemic indicators, our department is still classified in the maximum alert zone and the incidence rate remains above the alert threshold, in particular in the 60-80 year old age group with a increased risk of complications from Covid-19. Our population also suffers from more chronic diseases, at all ages.

Also, for All Saints' Day celebrations in complete safety, do not ignore all of the barrier gestures, in particular wearing a mask but also washing hands if there is an exchange of objects.

Let us avoid grouping together in small spaces and standardize visits to our deceased to avoid any risk of transmission of the virus. It is recalled that the national rule limits gatherings to a maximum of 6 people, in accordance with the state of health emergency triggered for the entire French territory.

As long as this virus is rampant and threatening our families and loved ones, it is also vital to refuse, in the public or private sphere, all physical contact such as hugs or hugs. Together, during these All Saints holidays, let us remain very vigilant to fight against the virus.


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