How the authorities want to fight armed robberies and road insecurity


During the press conference on Monday following the accident in which a motorcyclist struck a gendarme, the authorities reiterated their priorities in the fight against armed robberies and road insecurity.

At the end of the Sunday afternoon, a patrol of gendarmes was positioned at the Bellevue roundabout as part of an operation to combat armed robbery. The previous days, an upsurge of this type of events had been observed and a strategy of struggle deployed. "Often small sums are stolen but it is not tolerable that we threaten traders or people to obtain money", indicates General Thierry Renard.

To reduce the risk of taking action, the authorities rely on the one hand on the presence of the police on the ground, on the other hand on the vigilance of traders and other people who are the potential target of thefts. at gunpoint.

"A few days ago, the gendarmes intervened following a theft ... It turned out that the safe was not fixed to the wall ...", said the general, letting it be understood that a safe placed on the ground is useless because it can be taken out easily to be opened with force outside. He cited this example to encourage traders to take a minimum of measures that slow down actions. “Within the gendarmerie, there is a security referent. Its role is to advise traders in matters of protection, to tell them what is wrong, ”continues the general. This advice is provided free of charge and may change depending on the commission of the facts.

In addition, Commander Stephan Basso invites all traders to file a complaint when they are robbed, even if the amount of the loot is low. “It is by filing a complaint that an investigation is opened, that we can thus cross-reference information. It may be that the same team commits several armed robberies but only one victim files a complaint ... suddenly we are not officially aware of the other facts, but often individuals make small mistakes that allow us to confuse them. », He specifies.

In addition, the prefect Serge Gouteyron wishes to relaunch the CLSPD, the local Council for security and crime prevention with the Collectivity. "The work with the COM must be reinforced", admits the representative of the State who wishes a "presence in all the quarters of the gendarmes with the territorial police".

Finally, in the fight against road insecurity, the prefect has set a target of zero deaths next year. He wants to write a departmental road safety action plan (PDASR) in Saint-Martin. The PDASR is an annual document which brings together the various programmed actions of education, prevention, training, control and communication in the field of road safety in the territory. The aim is to mobilize all local actors in order to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities.

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