Commemoration: Homage to the dead for France in Indochina


On Thursday, June 13, President Daniel Gibbs and the prefecture's secretary general, the sub-prefect Mickael Doré, accompanied by veterans, standard bearers and representatives of the police, commemorated the tribute to the dead for the France in Indochina.

The sub-prefect, Mickael Doré, read the message from Geneviève Darrieussecq, Secretary of State to the Minister for the Armed Forces. Extract: “Very far from mainland France, sometimes in indifference or incomprehension, nearly 110 soldiers from the former French Union fell in Indochina and nearly 000 were injured. Tens of thousands of men suffered grueling and murderous captivity. In this painful story, faced with a resolute adversary, sailors, airmen and ground troops have fulfilled their duty. Our soldiers carried our colors in difficult conditions and in battles marked by the bitterness of a war of decolonization. 80 years ago, the Geneva Accords marked the end of the Indochina War. Time does not erase the value and dignity of the brave. Today, in all the departments, the soldiers of Indochina occupy their place in the History of France alongside all the generations of the fire. They will remain in our memories. This work of memory is a base on which France and Vietnam are building today's peace and deepening their relations. »

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