Commemoration: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Deportation


The last Sunday of April is each year dedicated to the celebration of the memory of the victims of the deportation in the Nazi concentration and extermination camps during World War II. 

A commemoration ceremony took place on Sunday April 24, opposite the War Memorial in the gardens of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin. In this context, the Prefect Vincent Berton proceeded to a wreath laying in the presence of the Territorial Councilor Bernadette Davis, as representative of the President of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, Louis Mussington.

Members of the Association of Veterans of Saint-Martin also responded, as did representatives of the National Gendarmerie and Territorial Police forces.

The ceremony was an opportunity to recall the horror of the Nazi camps, to honor the memory of all the deportees without distinction and to pay tribute to their sacrifice. For 68 years, its vocation has been to remind everyone of this major historical drama, the lessons that emerge from it, so that such events do not happen again. _AF

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