Commemoration: Celebration of the Treaty of Concordia at Mont des Accords College


FirstFeatures Vice-president, Valérie Damaseau, participated on Friday, March 23, 2018, in the commemoration of the 370th  anniversary of the Treaty of Concordia, which took place at the Collège Mont des Accords.

For this historic celebration, the school community of the college and the Territorial Youth Council put the dishes in the big ones to offer a beautiful event to the many students present, coming from other schools and from the Dutch side. When speaking to students, the 1st Vice President encouraged them to use the richness of their past to plan for the future.

“This glimmer of hope that drives us is to find it at the bottom of our hearts and our common roots. I am counting on you, ”she said to the young people.

Firstst Vice-President also recalled the importance of cooperation. “This historic document is still our strength today and carries the specifics of our binational territory. On this day of celebration, the Treaty of Concordia is on everyone's mind. I know that there will remain for a long time an inspiration without borders and a shared will to preserve our achievements and our living together, ”she concluded.

The students then presented the exhibition on the theme of the Treaty and the activities organized for the occasion.

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