CEFOP plenary committee: the measures for employment and vocational training presented to the Prefecture


President Daniel Gibbs co-chaired with Prefect Serge Gouteyron the plenary committee for Employment, Training and Professional Orientation (CEFOP), on Monday, November 29, 2021 in the Prefecture. 

In this area, President Gibbs indicated that the Collectivity had just opened an emergency vocational training plan which will benefit 456 job seekers already identified. A budget of 3.2 million euros will be made available for this plan over the next two months. 

Two public contracts have also been launched in recent weeks by the COM, one for basic training, the other for qualifying and diploma training. These training courses are remunerated for people who join the system.

As part of the Skills Investment Pact (PIC), President Gibbs announced that the Collectivity undertook to financially support professionalization training for project leaders from priority neighborhoods of city policy, Sandy Ground and Quartier d'Orléans. This action will allow them to improve their skills upstream in order to successfully build their project.

In addition, the Collectivité is currently finalizing the territorial integration plan which provides for the deployment of integration projects for young people from Saint Martin, in particular for the cleaning of cemeteries, beaches and certain urban areas. 

Another mechanism supported by the president and his teams: The regional institution is committed to a process of inserting social clauses in its public contracts. To this end, public procurement officers have received training on these themes. 

In the short term, for the three major reconstruction projects (college 900 de la Savane, college 600 de Quartier d'Orléans and the renovation of the Media Library), more than 18 hours of integration will have to be applied by the incumbent companies. works contracts in 000 and 2022.

These social clauses will make it possible to hire young people from Saint-Martin, the long-term unemployed or beneficiaries of social minima who will be monitored by the territorial services and actors of integration in order to facilitate access to sustainable employment.

Today's CEFOP committee was also an opportunity to discuss two major mechanisms carried by the Collectivity in the field of training and employment: 

* The Forecast Management of Jobs and Territorial Skills (GPECT): which will define the strategy and priorities in terms of employment and vocational training. 

* The Cadre Avenir system: which supports the skills development of Saint-Martin residents and enables them to access positions of responsibility. 

Next step, this Wednesday, December 1, with the official launch of the GPECT strategy and three-year plan.



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