COM: a budget of 270 million euros for 2018


This is not a "combat budget" that President Daniel Gibbs presented Thursday morning to the elected officials of the territorial council meeting in plenary session but a budget still in very strong increase compared to that of 2017 standing at 270,76 , 177,94 million euros against 93 million last year, or + XNUMX million.

With 182,86 million euros, the operating section was up 29%. It represents two thirds of the budget this year against 79% in 2017.

Investments amounted to 87,9 million, or + 142% compared to last year. This is more than 51 million additional registered in 2018 in this section. It represents a third of the budget against barely 20% in 2017. An elaboration dictated by the need to rebuild the French part after the passage of Irma. Nearly 57 million euros have been entered in the equipment program.

The budget thus established was adopted by majority; voted against Alain Richardson and Jules Charville.

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