Collection and distribution of school materials: the members of the Leo Club Safari made people happy!


Literacy and education being two of the major strategic axes of Lions Club International, the members of the Leo Club Safari deemed it opportune to start the Leo year with a collection of school materials on August 27 and 28 followed by a distribution. .

On Saturday September 4, the Leo Club Safari, in partnership with the Lions Club Fort Louis, handed out nearly 25 School Kits (backpacks filled with school supplies) to underprivileged families for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

Also, the 3 primary schools, Hervé Williams, Aline Hanson and Omer Arrondell were also given school kits and other lots of school materials: kits, glue, erasers, pens, notebooks, slates etc ... so that teachers can target and identify the most needy young people to benefit from these donations and allow them to consider the start of the new school year more calmly.

Our most sincere thanks to all of you, the Super U and Office Fournitures partners who are always there and the generous donors without whom we could not act today.

We were able to allow a few children to go to school with pride and dignity! 

Have a good start to school.

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