Education Code: Complementary education in English soon to be included


The bill ratifying the ordinance of May 5, 2021 updating and adapting the provisions of the education code relating to overseas territories was registered on June 15 at the presidency of the Senate.

Several points of this ordinance concern Saint-Martin. One of the articles recalls “the skills of the community in terms of supplementary education provided in English” in nursery and primary schools.

If this possibility is written black on white in French law and will soon be included in the education code, several points relating to the application remain unclear.

The first is the definition of 'further education'. Because it is clearly specified that only this teaching can be given in English (outside the bilingual class). No definition has yet been given.

The second point, the contours of which still need to be clarified, concerns the time of this additional education. Will it be in addition to compulsory education? Will it be provided only after school? So many questions that are still unanswered. 

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