Unemployment: Further drop in job seekers in the first quarter at SXM


The number of people registered with Pôle Emploi Saint-Martin without a job and required to look for one (category A) amounted to 31 on March 4. It is down for the fourth consecutive quarter. These are 490 fewer people registered in category A today compared to a year ago, 400 fewer compared to the end of December 60.

During the post-Irma period, the number of job seekers had fallen and for nearly seven quarters was close to the 4 mark before climbing to levels never before reached (close to 000) in the difficult socio-economic context due to the Covid-5000 pandemic.

The number of people in category A represents 82% of the total number of people registered with Pôle Emploi. Women are still largely in the majority: they were 2 unemployed on March 660, i.e. 31 times more likely than men to seek employment (1,45 against 2660). Slightly more than half of them are aged between 1825 and 25, 49% are over 38 and 50% under 8,3.

Compared to the first quarter of last year, Pôle Emploi has 325 fewer women and 60 fewer men. Another significant drop is that of young people under the age of 25: 450 of them are looking for a job, i.e. 115 fewer than a year ago, 30 fewer since the end of December 2021. The 25-49 year olds are 190 of less than a year ago, i.e. 2395 today. As for the over 50s, 1655 are looking for a job compared to 1745 at the end of March 2021.

63% of exits from Pôle Emploi (category A, B and C) are due to a cessation of registration for lack of updating, 9,8% to a declared resumption of activity. As for admissions, 24% are due to rapid re-registration, 16% to return from inactivity, 13% to end of contract. _Soualiga Post.com 


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