Unemployment: Slight drop in the number of job seekers


The number of people registered with Pôle Emploi in category A in Saint-Martin fell slightly in the second quarter: 4395 people were looking for a job at the end of June compared to 4490 at the end of March (-2,1%). This is the fifth consecutive quarterly decline recorded.

The search for a job was more favorable to men: 65 left the Pôle Emploi (-3,6%) during the second quarter, ie 2,6 times more than women. These are 2635 looking for a job against 2660 three months earlier (-0,9%).

Six out of 10 people registered with Pôle Emploi are women. 52,7% of job seekers are aged between 25 and 49 (ie 2315 people), 37% are over 50 and 10,3% are young people under 25.

13,7% of entries to Pôle Emploi between April and June follow the end of the contract, 22,8% a rapid re-registration. Regarding departures, 64,4% of them are explained by a cessation of registration for lack of updating. 5,8% follow a return to declared employment.

All categories combined, the number of job seekers in Saint-Martin stands at 5390 and shows a drop of 0,6% over one quarter and 6,7% over one year. Compared to Guadeloupe, the number of job seekers fell by 2% over one quarter and by 3,7% over one year. (soualigapost.com) 


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