Choice of construction materials: The Community could impose new standards…


If the community will redefine the construction areas in the French part according to the new natural risk prevention plan (PPRN) that the State will deliver in 2020, it could also impose new standards and choices of materials.

Following Irma's passage, the Cerema (Center for studies and expertise on risks, the environment, mobility and development) was commissioned to assess the impact of the hurricane on infrastructure. An inventory was made of materials and construction methods which allowed roofs and houses to withstand better than others. A vademecum is being finalized. It will be published by the state at the end of March. It will be free and intended for the general public.

For its part, the Collectivity is reflecting on how it could impose certain standards, for example a minimum sheet thickness or a certain profile at the roof level. It is authorized to do so because it has the construction-housing competence.

If they legislate in this area, a person who wants to build a house will have to meet these standards when applying for a building permit.

These obligations will only be valid in Saint-Martin.

Note also that an architect can be consulted free of charge at the COM by people who need to rebuild or repair their house and who would like to improve certain aspects.

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