Chanté Nwèl: Festive and warm atmosphere for residents of Surettes and Sucrerie in Concordia


On the initiative of the association "Les Sucrettes - La Sucrerie") chaired by Harry Landres, the inhabitants of the two residences were invited last Saturday to the traditional Chanté Nwèl with the CHATTMATOU group followed by the concert of KA-ENTWENOU, specialist of Gwoka .

Gwoka is the musical form, based on Ka, essentially made up of a precise set of rhythms, songs and dances.  It is played by tambouyés who have a very precise organization: the “Boulayè” or “Boulakchen” are the drummers called “boula” (hence their name) and are two in number. Then there is the "Makchè" or the "Chèf tambouyé" which also bears the name of the drum he plays. He emits more acute sounds and has a different way of playing from the “Boulayè” because it is he who follows and marks the steps of the dancers. There are also “Responses” which complement what the “Chantè” says, and which liven up the music a little more.

Young and old alike had a great time celebrating the approach of Christmas with songs. Congratulations to all the musicians and volunteers of the association who greatly contributed to the success of this festive evening placed under the sign of sharing. _AF 

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