Caribbean Foiling Championship: Dauphin Telecom partner of the event!


Dauphin Telecom has partnered for the second year with the Caribbean Foiling Championships as a communications partner for the event. Dauphin Telecom Data Network will be used to follow all the competitors live during the 3 days of the race (10-12 December 2021).

“Foiling is an extreme sport, nowadays foilers are capable of reaching speeds of over 40 knots (74 km / h). It can be difficult to keep tabs on everyone, especially during the Round the Island race.  The number one priority is for all competitors to be safe on the water and that is why we have partnered with Dauphin Telecom. They are our communication partner and their network is essential to follow all the competitors! »Emphasizes Maxim van den Pol (Organizer of the Caribbean Foiling Championships).

To ensure everyone's safety while racing around the island, the organization has taken several safety precautions. Part of a mandatory helmet and personal flotation device, competitors are required to stay within 2 miles of shore. Safety boats will be positioned on strategic points and Doors so that the competitors can pass.

In addition, competitors are required to wear a tracking device. It will be in the form of an application that competitors can download to their smartphone.

In order to be able to follow the participants, a GPS signal must be sent. Dauphin Telecom, communication partner of the event, offers the solution. All participants receive a Dauphin Telecom SIM card with the required amount of data. On top of that, all competitors receive a waterproof case to keep their phone dry during the race.

“Thanks to Dauphin Telecom's reliable network, we now know where all the runners are at all times. It's nice to see how an innovative sport embraces the use of modern technology. Not only does this protect our competitors, but the live monitoring gives them valuable information on their performance, ”says Sacha van der Wouden (Organizer of the Caribbean Foiling Championships).

Dauphin Telecom's SIM cards, data and waterproof cases will be given to participants upon registration on Thursday, December 8 from 17 p.m. to 21 p.m. _AF 

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