CESC: Isabelle Biaux-Altmann nominated for Saint-Martin


Isabelle Biaux-Altmann will be appointed representative of Saint-Martin as of November 16 at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC). She succeeds René Arnell.

“It is with emotion that I have just learned of my appointment to the Board (…) I would like to thank all those who in one way or another kindly provided me with their support. I renew my commitment to put my main assets at the service of this function, to be present, to listen, and to report faithfully to the population of Saint-Martin. I would like to salute the work accomplished by my predecessors Laurent Fuentes and René Arnell ”, indicated Isabelle Biaux-Altmann in a press release at the beginning of the week.

Eleven CESC overseas representatives

Overseas Minister George Pau-Langevin welcomed the appointment of eleven CESC overseas representatives. On the proposal of the Minister, these new members were appointed by decree of the Prime Minister as “representatives of the economic and social activities of the overseas departments and regions, the overseas communities and New Caledonia ”. The Overseas group will be composed of Sarah Mouhoussoune for Mayotte; Inès Bouchot-Choisy for Saint-Barthélemy; Isabelle Biaux-Altmann for Saint-Martin; Philippe Edmond-Mariette for Martinique; Joël Lobeau for Guadeloupe; Jean-Etienne Antoinette for Guyana; Dominique Rivière for Reunion; Yannick Cambray for Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon; Christian Vernaudon for French Polynesia; Didier Guenant-Janson for New Caledonia and Sosefo Suve for Wallis and Futuna. They will join Muriel Hurtis and Octave Togna appointed members of the CESC on November 5 in the Council of Ministers.

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