Squadron leader Sébastien Manzoni takes command


Last Thursday, at the Savannah gendarmerie, an official ceremony took place during which Colonel Jean-Marc Descoux, commander of the Guadeloupe gendarmerie group, entrusted the command of the gendarmerie company of the Northern Islands, to the squadron chief, Sébastien Manzoni.

Arrived at the head of the gendarmerie company of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy last August, the squadron chief, Sébastien Manzoni, took command of it last Thursday, during a ceremony organized at the Savane barracks . "Officers, non-commissioned officers, assistant gendarmes, you will now recognize your squadron leader, Sébastien Manzoni". During the official ceremony, the colonel, Jean-Marc Descoux, commanding the gendarmerie region of Guadeloupe transmitted the command of the gendarmerie group of the Northern Islands. "You will obey him in all that he commands you for the good of the service, the execution of military regulations, the observance of the laws and the success of the arms of France". Open to the public, the taking up of arms took place in the presence of the prefect Anne Laubies, the deputy Daniel Gibbs, the vice-president of the Collectivity Ramona Connor and the Association of Veterans and War Victims of Saint -Martin. On the sidelines of this takeover, the colonel, Jean-Marc Descoux presented the military medal to the majors, Yves Arcana and Lionel Liandrat. At the end of the morning, the numerous personalities, civil and military, were invited to the friendship pot. The opportunity for the squadron chief, Sébastien Manzoni to address the audience and to recall the greatness of his mission: "Today and more than ever, I must do everything so that the residents of Saint -Martin and Saint-Barthélemy are convinced that the right to security is not a lost cause, quite the contrary. This mission will require on my part, a relentless investment with by my side, men who have already shown me their determination to fulfill their daily tasks in the service of the population ”.  _AF

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