What happened Thursday afternoon in front of the prefecture


Thursday at 16 p.m. was scheduled a meeting between the prefect, the management of the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital, the president of the community, the regional health agency and the unions representing the employees of the establishment. The agenda was about requiring staff to be vaccinated against covid-19 and what to do with them if they do not.

Thursday, shortly before 16 p.m., the unions arrived at the prefecture. They were supported by several dozen people outside. At around 16:15 p.m., two people from the union entered to start the meeting behind closed doors. Less than ten minutes later, one of them came out, "annoyed". To her colleagues, she quoted the people present: the prefect, the president of the COM, the territorial director of the ARS and the deputy director of the hospital. "The director did not come, she sent her deputy director". Here is the reason for the nervousness, the anger. His absence and the fact that the hospital is represented by "the director arrived on the island in April" is a "lack of respect". The meeting therefore did not take place.

About fifty people still remained in front of the prefecture; the authorities are still inside. Around 18 p.m., the president of the Collectivity came out and was immediately arrested by the Saint-Martinois. Several asked him to express his support for their action, to tell the authorities that it is "unacceptable»To impose vaccination on caregivers.

Finally, the representative of the health staff union asked her to organize another meeting with the prefect, the ARS and the director of the hospital and not her deputy director. He agreed to do it. "I'm waiting for your call then She replied. (soualigapost.com)


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