What businesses thought about the border closure


Between August 10 and 22, Qualistat conducted a survey of businesses in Saint-Martin at the request of the Interprofessional Consular Chamber (CCISM) to measure the impact of the health crisis. 430 leaders responded to the survey, some of the questions relating to the second border closure from July 31.

“This decision divides business leaders who are almost as numerous to find it justified as the opposite. In addition, strong opinions and moderate opinions also have equivalent weight, ”observed the polling institute. One in two business leaders considered that the closure of the border between the French and Dutch parts is justified. For 87% of them, the closure had an impact on the activity of their establishment.

A little less than nine out of ten business leaders feared the repercussions of this closure on the activity of their company, the main fear was the decline in customers (to 75%), supply difficulties (to 35%) , the absence of activity (at 43%).

In August, three quarters of the companies questioned believed that economic activity in the French part would not recover if the closure were to be extended beyond the month of September. For nearly 70% of businesses, the border closure was putting them in great difficulty.

Half of the leaders did not or little agree that the closure could prevent a new phase of confinement in Saint-Martin.

59% of them thought that the resumption of air rotations from the Dutch part to the USA constituted a health risk for the whole island.



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