CCISM E-Weekend: three days dedicated to digital in all its forms!


Based on the elements that the entrepreneurs of the territory shared with the CCISM during the 2022 diagnostics, the teams thought of a tailor-made event to meet their needs. Hence the organization of the E-Weekend from Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 January at the CCISM, three days dedicated to digital in all its forms.

The E-Weekend is one of the pillars of the support offered by the CCISM to business leaders, active or in the making, in the context of the digital transition.

The CCISM, through this event, confirms its desire to support entrepreneurs towards digital solutions.



These are three days dedicated to digital in all its forms. Offered in different formats, webinar, round tables, showroom or even workshops, the event is there to introduce digital solutions. All the themes are covered there: digital security, dematerialization of invoices, reflections on possible financing, meeting with a professional for a website, social networks, etc.

An event that will be accessible to the general public and also to children!

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