Natural disaster: Powerful earthquake in Haiti, the toll is heavy


The earth trembled in Haiti on Saturday August 14th around 8:30 am. A violent  earthquake of magnitude 7,2 on the Richter scale which made, according to a first provisional assessment, some 1300 victims and more than 5700 injured.

In the grip of a political crisis since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021, the island of Haiti has just experienced a new earthquake. Felt over the entire country, the earthquake of magnitude 7,2 on the Richter scale struck southwest Haiti at 08:29 a.m. on Saturday, about ten kilometers from the city of Saint-Louis-du-Sud, according to reports. data from the American Institute of Geophysics.

"Search and rescue operations and taking care of the wounded are the priority for the moment," reports civil protection, which counts more than 30 affected families. “000 houses were destroyed and 13,694 houses damaged in the 13,785 most affected departments (South, Grand 'Anse and Nippes). Many public buildings (hospitals, schools, hotels, churches, private companies, etc.) have suffered damage or have collapsed ”confirms the local press according to a latest report from Civil Protection. For its part, Médecin Sans Frontière, the international humanitarian association, evokes "considerable damage". "Several teams are currently trying to reach the most affected regions to assess the situation and how MSF can support the local response" specifies the association while the tropical depression "Grace" has also just affected the country. . On social networks, the testimonies and the images which circulate revive the painful memories of the violent earthquake of January 3, 12 which had made more than 2010 victims.

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