Carnival Saint-Martin 2024: the countdown has begun


On August 23, a meeting was held between the Community and the Carnival Committee concerning the preparation of this emblematic event of the territory. The 2024 edition promises to be innovative, surprising and unique.

The Carnival Committee, including Luciana Raspail recently re-elected for a second term, was received by Louis Musington, president of the Community, in the company of Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd vice-president, and Valérie Damaseau, president of the culture commission. The agenda of this meeting, described as productive, focused essentially on the strategy and organization envisaged for the next edition of the Saint-Martin carnival which will offer a series of highly anticipated festivities in the local culture. Through constructive exchanges, innovative ideas and a common vision, the Community and the Carnival Committee are looking forward to an entertaining carnival that will strengthen the unity of the Saint-Martin community around its unique heritage. Luciana Raspail and her team also presented their proposals for integrating innovative elements into the event with a view to broadening the audience and guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for everyone. Louis Mussington promised unwavering support from the Community to guarantee the realization of this ambitious and unifying project. Thanks to this meeting which marks a crucial moment in the development of the carnival, the 2024 edition promises to be memorable. Both parties collaborate with one voice, hand in hand, ready to offer an unparalleled carnival experience with a clear message: in addition to its qualification as a celebration, the Carnival of Saint-Martin 2024 will be a testimony of resilience, of unity and dynamism of the Saint-Martin people. The Carnival Committee invites the population to stay tuned: “  This is just the beginning of our warm-up before the festivities.” _VX

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