Carnival: End clap for the 2023 edition


The 2023 edition of the Carnival of Saint-Martin ended last Tuesday with the traditional Mardi Gras parade where several carnival troupes paraded through the streets of Marigot.

Hundreds of people invaded the streets of downtown Marigot on the occasion of the two large carnival parades organized on Sunday 19 (parade of adults) then on Tuesday 21 February (Mardi Gras parade).

Several troops have wandered along the route planned by the organizers. Inès Tessier, Miss Saint-Martin – Saint-Barthélemy  2022 is also invited to this great colorful party.

During the two parades, the "Locomotiv" brass band provided the musical entertainment with the troops "Soualiwomen Kultural Association", "Uforik Mas", "Dominicano Association of Saint-Martin", "Kiskeya", and "Bacchanal Sea" at its side. Breeze”. Now it must be admitted, the public would have liked to see more costumes and other disguises in the procession. Still, for budgetary reasons, many people were unable to take part in these festive days. A lack of sponsorship was also felt for the commitment of other troops.

The “Carnival Festivities” Association  of Saint-Martin" chaired by Gaëlle Arndell had the merit of relaunching the Carnival of Saint-Martin after two years of absence. And for that alone, we must congratulate all the volunteers who worked behind the scenes for the return of this festive event to the cultural agenda of the island. _AF

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