Caribbean: Another big explosion yesterday from the Soufrière volcano in Saint-Vincent causing the collapse of the dome and pyroclastic flows


Yesterday, around 4:15 am, the Soufrière volcano in Saint-Vincent experienced another big explosion causing pyroclastic flows along the valleys and the collapse of the dome.

The Soufrière volcano in Saint-Vincent is still erupting. Yesterday morning, around 4:15 am, a new large explosion was observed. According to the authorities of Saint-Vincent, this new explosion caused the collapse of the dome and pyroclastic flows (fiery clouds) along the valleys on the east and west coast. NEMO on its Twitter page said: "The pyroclastic flows in La Soufrière, possible destruction and devastation of communities near the volcano". Still according to NEMO, the current Soufrière eruption is similar to that of 1902. It could cause more damage in the coming days.

On Sunday, a message was posted on social networks by the authorities calling on those who remained in the red zone to evacuate in order to take shelter. This large eruption was so powerful that it was seen on Martinique's radar. The rash could last several days or even weeks.

The President of the OECS Authority, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Roosevelt SKERRIT, yesterday hosted an emergency meeting of the OECS Authority.

The objective is to discuss the situation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with the explosive eruption of the La Soufrière volcano, which resulted in the activation of evacuation protocols on the island and to define the appropriate assistance .


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